Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Felixstowe Business Advice with Lee Taylor: Why it's a good idea to re-plan your life

Lee Taylor; Felixstowe Business Mentor

For over 20 years I've run small businesses and employed 100's of people within my companies.

During this time I've written 100's of job descriptions and helped staff get to where they want to go within the business and life.

The one person I never completely worked on was myself. I've always liked unpredictability and change. I prided myself on not having structure, routine or knowing what the next day would bring.

It was odd thinking back that I taught everyone to have structure and routine, yet I ignored my own advice when it came to me.
So why was I different? Well in my mind I was the boss and deserved to have my time to chose what I wanted to do.
I didn't want to answer to anyone, which was why I started the business - to give me freedom.

The theory was great - everyone does what I need - I do what I want.

To a certain extent this way worked to a degree and i had success. If people did their jobs I made money, had a relaxing and great life.
The problem was I never grew as a business owner. I stopped learning new skills so I couldn't go to the next level.

I began to spend less time at the office. Instead of driving the business forward I did other things.
The something happened, I felt incomplete, out of control and directionless.
I had several businesses and a stressful life filled with anxiety.

The staff had started to rely on themselves and made there own changes to the business without my knowledge. These changes put the companies in danger as they were loss making changes.

New systems were put in place that did not work. Staff had no idea of what they were doing. Management put systems in to give themselves easy lives just as I had done previously.

I don't blame them, they had learned from me. It was my responsibility to be there to oversee and I wasn't.

Instead I was out chasing the next shinny thing. Not learning or developing. Refusing to see what was in front of me and helping fix it.

Now days I am more structured and organised. I actually like routine. Knowing what I need to do and when I need to do it helps me reach my goals.

To help me get to this point I did to things -

1. I wrote a job description for myself.
2. I made plans to get me to where I want to go

Everything is set up to make sure my JD and plans helps me achieve everything I want.
I still do whatever i want but I make sure I complete my tasks first.

The interesting thing is having a routine and structure actually gives me more freedom. Doing the things I need to first gives me peace of mind. I have less worry and stress.
Having less worry means I sleep better. It all gives me more energy to do more than ever.

I am happier and fitter than before. My businesses are moving forward again and doing well.
Staff are happier and my relationships are better.

Planning to do more has given me more time.

Like to know how I go about writing a job description and plans that work both business and life?

Send me a message and I'll be happy to offer some free advice.

Lee Taylor

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